We are required to ensure that all pets staying with us are fully and correctly vaccinated.

Please make sure to bring your pet’s up to date vaccination card with you on arrival. When you have your pet vaccinated, please ensure that the vet updates their vaccination card.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-injecting-a-red-apple-by-using-a-syringe-5863366/


Your dog’s annual core vaccinations must be up to date. There cannot be any exceptions.

If the dog has had to restart their vaccinations, then the complete course must have been completed at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. This is to ensure that the vaccination is fully active.

In order for your dog/s to be able to board with us, the additional Kennel Cough vaccine (Canine Bronchitus) also needs to have been administered. Your pet needs to have had this at least 3 weeks prior to arrival to gain full immunity. You may have to specifically request that your vet give this inoculation to your dog, as it is not automatically given with their standard vaccines.


Your cat’s annual core vaccinations need to be up to date to be able to board with us.

If your pet has had to have a restart, then the course needs to have been completed 3 weeks prior to arrival, for full immunity.

Additional information

We can try calling your Veterinary Practice during their opening hours to try to get the information needed. However, if they are closed then we cannot obtain the information we need to board your pet. In addition, in certain circumstances, your practice may refuse to provide the information over the telephone.

A statement, that you will email or WhatsApp a scan or photograph of the card, once you get home, is not enough for us to accept your pet to board with us.

If we do not have the required information on arrival then please do not be offended if we refuse to board your pet.

Bewdley Boarding Kennels and Cattery reserves the right to refuse an animal on the grounds that their vaccinations are not up to date. This for the safety of all the other animals that are, or will be, boarding with us at the time.

Thank you for your understanding.
Team BBK.